side kick through

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This site help to the user how to strong their body.

That feat is a matter of stretching. Nothing more nothing less.
different ways to stretch this area. Easiest is every day when you wake do the
splits as far as your able. Repeat before you go to bed. And if your not
imbarrased any moments in the day you have a free moment.
At the gym,
by yourself put your legs far apart while seated stretch forward palms down on
the floor.
With a
partner, their legs against your inner legs holding hands/arms they pull you
forward {slowly} and hold.
You can also
put your leg up on increasingly higher places. My last time I had this same
goal I ended up using the top of the fridge as my stretching platform.
Make sure you
warm up carefully and do a bit of exercise before you start stretching. When
you feel ready, kneel on one knee and stretch the other leg in front of you.
Place your hands on the floor, one on each side of your body and slide forward,
being careful to take most of the weight on your arms. When you reach the point
at which it starts to hurt a bit, stop sliding, recover to the kneeling stance
and try again. After two or three goes, do it all again with the other leg in

side kick through
front. Do this daily and within two or three weeks you should have your splits.
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